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Overview - Jiangsu Chaohua Glasswork Co., Ltd.

Chaohua Glasswork Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2002, dedicated in glass pharmaceutical packaging field. We are manufacturing and providing specialized glass vials for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and scientific research industries.As an emerging competitor in the market, Chaohua is using the latest vial-forming machines in China and other advanced and well managed facilities, especially. Besides the visible hardware, 80% of the production and technical staff are skilled with a professional experience of at least 10 years. We have established a smoothly run quality assurance system by SOPs in each process of the whole line. In 2003, we got ISO9001 certified and we have kept continuous improvement since then. All these infrastructures provide reliable guarantee for quality consistency and problem tracing.With the advantages, we are stably supplying to most of chinese giant pharma companies. Meanwhile, we are trying exploring overseas markets, especially South East Asia, India, Pakistan. And Mid East. With rapidly expanding market share in these regions, we have a more aggressive plan to get into more restrictly regulated markets, such as USA and EU, which are more demanding for the quality control capability.Now after three years of development, we have a production capacity of 0. 3 billion vials per year with a strong R&D capability. We also could customize vials on demand while making vials according to ISO 8362-1 and chinese standards. We also refer to USP and EP for the vial quality in physical and chemical performance.Please be advised that Chaohua Could provide vials with some surface treatment as siliconization and coating by outsourcing these service.Please feel free to continue to browse our web site to request a quote on a specific item or simply gain additional insight into our company.


Tubular Glass Vial For Pharmaceutical Packaging (T001)
Tubular Glass Vial for Pharmaceutical Packaging(T004)
Darker Amber Glass Vial for Pharmaceutical Packaging (T005)
Tubular Glass Vial for Injection Use(T006)
Tubular Glass Vial For Injection Use (T002)
Clear Molded Vials for Injection (T003)

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