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Overview - Cactus Botanics Limited

Cactus Botanics Limited is an UK base company. We cooperate with manufactories all over the world, mainly in China, to develop and market innoviative ingredients for Nutritional Market. Our raw materials range is from Botanicals to Animo Acid, Minerals and other nutritional ingredients. We offer custom blending service at our GMP/ISO certificated facilities.These materials are then integrated by our industrial customers into products for public consumption: Food products (meat products, drinks, cooked meals and so on. ) or food supplements (tablets, capsules and so on).From the purchasing of the vegetable raw materials and the development and quality control laboratories to the industrial equipment, Cactus Botanics controls all the stages of the manufacturing process.



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Address:15/F-K, Tongsheng Mansion, No. 458 Fushan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China


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