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Overview - Zibo Hualong Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Zibo Hualong Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is high-tech medicine and drug enterprise with total investment of 300 million Yuan and area of 130, 000 square meters. The leading product is Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and its derivatives which add up to 12, 000 metric tons annually.As the only private owned company in this industry in China, we have around 20 years production experience and 130 experts in various engineering and technical fields. We possess Power Plant, Sewage water processing facilities and Coal mine of our own. A series of globally art -of-the-state production procedure has been established in accordance with GMP standard. With the support of advanced 2-step fementation technology, the introduction of 3-effect evaporator, US KATAMA air compressor and centrifugal machine from Belgium for sodium ascorbate, our products meet even exceed the USP/BP/EP/CP standard. We have made our way to the markets around the world.Being adjacent to Jinan-Qingdao highway in the north, our workshop is 100kilometers away from Jinan airport and 290 kilometers to Qingdao seaport, which consititutes the traffic convenience. For years, we have enjoyed vigorous support and incentive from the local government. Our competitive edge includes labor cost, raw materials supply prices and etc, which allow us huge room for further development.We are consistent with our permanent commitment of creating value for our clients and fulfilling win-win partnership. Nowadays, in face of the globalization of economy, we 'll be dedicated to joining hands with our clients abroad and at home, building up promising future.


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