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Overview - Zhejiang Chemicals Import and Export Corp.

We, ZHECHEM, specialize in exporting varieties of chemicals for 20 years especially for Pharmaceutical raw material and intermediates. We have own chemical factories and maintain long good contacts with many manufacturers in china.Additionally, following are several our strong products of China origin: Etodolac, Gabapentin & Intermediates, Methyldopa, Cabidopa, Creatine MonohydratePharmaceutical products of China origin have prices and quality advantages. We are very much interested in establishing a good business relationship with your organization for long term and some differences would be made agreement through our persevering efforts, confidence and eternal friendship.If you have urgent requirements, please send me the details, then I will work for you with valuable reply as soon as possible. We welcome your opinions in the matter and look forward to hearing from you soon. Your early response will be highly appreciated.


Dioctahedral Smectite
Glucosamine HCl / Sulfate

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