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Overview - Hubei Jingmen Kaitai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Our company is a high scientific and technical pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing and marketing enterprise, which mainly produces nerve growth factor of snake venom (NGF purity>97%) and cobra venom factor (CVF). We also provide kinds of pharmaceutical intermediate from snake venom. All these products were developed by cooperating with China national-level biomedical research institute and the quality is to the standard of National Institute for the control of pharmaceutical and biological products (NICPBP). We export our products to the USA, Europe, Japan and Korea, etc.Our company is equipped with China-first-rate production facilities and analytical instruments, as well as modern workshop systems.


Fibrinolytic Enzyme
Chinese Cobra Venom Factor

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Address:No. 7 Ninth Building, Mingquan Road, Jingmen, Hubei, China


Postal Code:448124