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Overview - Ningbo Tonghui Manufactory Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Tonghui Manufactory Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest medical instrument exporters & manufacturers expecially in all kinds of thermometers including the digital thermometers and Clock in china.The range of our thermometers including: max/nin thermometer, indoor/outdoor thermometer, window thermometer, meater thermometer, bath thermometer, card thermometer, spirit glass thermometer, mercury glass thermometer, saccharometers with thmometer, alcoholometers, baume hygrometers, seawater baume and so on.We also should do as per your design.We have experience in handling this line for 8 years. Our customer through out the all over the world.Our quality of thermometers is good and our service is dependable, our shipment is the quickest. Pls. Do not hesitate give us your suggestion and contact us. Your requirement will deal with us immediately.


Digital Clinical Thermometer (ETJ-2)
Garden Thermometer-181

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