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Overview - Nanjing Opt Optical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Nanjing OPT Optical Machinery Co., Ltd. (China) is the major manufacturer/distributor of medical optical/ophthalmic equipment and instruments for the opticians, optometrist and ophthalmologists. More than 70% of the products have been exported to the European, American, African, Asian countries and regions. They are well received by customers. The high quality of the products and service are deeply appreciated by all customers. We have endeavoured to develop the new products and go on high-tech innovation for the optical/ophthalmic industry.A. Optical Equipments and Tools.1) Auto lens edger, Pattern marker, Layout blocker.2) Auto lens groover, Auto lens polisher, Lens drilling machine.3) Hand edger, Ultrasonic cleaner, Frame heater/warmer, Strain Gauge, UV tester,4) Multi-function drilling machine, Handle drill, Notch cutting machine, Non-pattern drilling machine.5) Plier, Screwdriver, File, Tool set/kit, Base curve lens clock, Lens thickness clock, Screw extractor, Worktable.B. Optical instruments and Tools.1) Auto lensmeter, Lens meter, Auto refractometer.2) Ophthalmic chair & stand, Auto chart projector, Phoroptor(Refractor).3) Pupilary distance meter (Digital PD meter), Frame PD meter.4) Trial lens set, Trial frame, Eye simulator.C. Ophthalmic instruments and Tools.1) Slit lamp, Keratometer.2) Retinoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Tonometer, Applanation tonometer.3) Micro Ophthalmological surgical appliances(Forceps, holder, forfex, speculum and accessories)4) Ophthalmological needle and suture.


Auto Refractometer (6000A)
Ophthalmic Chair & Stand
Auto Lensmeter

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