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Overview - Shenzhen Naturactive Inc.

Shenzhen Naturactive Inc., a specialty developer and manufacturer of top quality botanical extracts, was established by several scientists engaged in phytochemistry in 2002.As a specialty of natural products, Naturactive has developed over ten kinds of botanical extracts for the markets of dietary or nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and food additives. As present, our products mainly supply to the domestic and some developed countries. Naturactive has established better business relationships with domestic and foreign enterprises now.Naturactive attaches great importance to the product quality. From purchasing raw material to producing finished product, all steps are controlled strictly according to the Standard Operating Procedure. Our manufacturing facilities are certificated with GMP and our quality control laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated analytical instruments such as high performance liquid chromatography.Naturactive also attaches great importance to the research and development of top-quality botanical extracts. Our development laboratory owns a team of professional scientist, and we keep compact collaborations with the prestigious domestic and international research and academic institutions. In addition, Naturactive energetically attracts the friends engaged in botanical extracts to join in. This provides Naturactive the resources needed to continually develop new and more products to meet customers' needs.Attention to Naturactive, we will supply you with top quality botanical extracts at a competitive price and the best services.


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