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Overview - XingHai Toughened Glass Co., Ltd.

XingHai Toughened Glass Co., Ltd. of Huang hua City is a leading enterprise of this trade. It is located in Huang Hua City,which is named "bohai pe-arl",Huang Hua City is located in the border on the bohai sea in the east, ne-ar Peking and Tianjin in the north.Huang Hua harbor is a assess to the world , 205 road, 307 road, Shi jia zhuang-Huang Hua harbor expressway passed through Huang Hua City,which has transport facilities and unobstructed telecommunica-tions.The company have a good environment for management and serve travelling merchant sincerely.The company was built in 1971.It has tremendous strength. It possess te-chnical personnel of every gradation and advanced equipment in the state. the administration of enterprise is strict. the leader has foresight and sagaeity. The company has good credit. It is trusted by all circles of society.The products is on sale Northeast, Northchina, Southchina et. twenty-two province (city. autonomous region). there are twenty-senven sale network which were distributed all over the country.The company pursue a creed of "the credit is first, consumer is God", regarding consumer as God , wish to operation with all circles of society, building tomorrow's brilliant.



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Address:The Industrial Area, South of Huanghua City, Hebei, China


Postal Code:061160