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Overview - Comos-Ray Machinery & Electron Co., Ltd.

The company is located in Longguang, Shenzhen. The industrial and commercial registration number is 4403012060186. The company is a specialized manufacturer engaged in research, development, manufacture, sales and after-sales service of high frequency industrial equipment for years. Thus it can provide the customers with excellent equipment and service. It has been holding the tenet on the basis of "Quality-Technique-Service" all the time, putting great effort into the research & development so as to maintain the leading position in technologies and meet the requirements of the customers. The main product series include:1) High frequency welding and molding series (including the general-purpose and special-purpose machines)2) Pre-heater series3) Special-purpose planting (heating) machine series4) Accessories of national/international brand name electron tubes and high frequency series.Further, our company provides the menu service: all the devices can be customized for our customers, with quick delivery. All customers, new or old, are welcome!


High Frequency Pre-Heater (Roller-Electrode Type)
High Frequency Preheater (Semiconductor Envelopment Machinery)

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