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Overview - Leling Jiekang Jujube Product Co., Ltd.

Leling Jiekang jujube Product Co., Ltd. China, locate the year produce red more than 200, 000, 000 kilograms of jujubes of" the Chinese red jujube produces the base" leling City. The company is placed in the leling to develop the east road most prosperously, is adjacent with city hall. The subordinate jujube products the factory, the almond products the factory, many procures to stand, the year produce the jujube ware can amount to more than 2000 tons. Export almond more than 1000 tons, our company takes orders several decades' the product of jujube to process the history with the almond, the product is deep to suffer the domestic and international businessman with the good opinion of the consumer.Our company has the special formulation with the advanced production in science craft, owning Japan, Korea import of disinfect machine, aridity, vacuum-packed, etc. produce the flowing water line. A gum sweet jujube, crystal sweet jujube, black jujube of the production. Sweet almond, white almond, etc. series product, deep is liked by large consumer. Our company insists always highest principle of management in the first, customer in faith, provide with the consumer for the domestic and international businessman with all sincerity every kind of the product of jujube and almonds of the excellent low price in quality product.


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