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Overview - Zhejiang Minkang Natural Plant Products Co., Ltd.

Established by Mr. Jin Liangbiao, the descendant of the operation family of the well-known fairy grass(algam Denrobium), Zhejiang Minkang Natural Plant Products Co. , Ltd. is mainly engaged in tissue culture and growing of algam Denrobium and processing of algam Fengdou, as well as developing, growing and selling of series of health products. It has very strong technical strength. In course of research and development of algam Denrobium and its product series, it pays much attention to introduce latest scientific technology. It has set up a scientific & technological team specialized in researching and developing algam Denrobium on long-term. It's a modern hi-tech enterprise of biology involving in researching, producing and selling.Corporate representative of the company generalized long-term expriences drawn from practices by ancestors. He has invested large sum of money to solve technical problems on growing of algam Denrobium. Therefore, he established a growing base of algam Denrobium and a processing workshop for Algam Fengdou. Series products such as Algam Fengdou capsules and chewing pills have been developed, which makes it possible for more people to enjoy the magic efficacy of the fairy grass.Holding "to prosper the enterprise by science and technology and benefit human being" as its principle, the company has all along been devoted to attending mankind with traditional rare Chinese herbs, carrying forward Chinese medical culture of long history and enabling China's treasure to shine brilliantly in domestic and international market!


Yandangshan Algam Fengdou capsule
Yandangshan Algam Fengdou Glue Chewing Pill

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