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External fixed device for fracture restoration and rehabilitation, which is the new-type Class ¢ medical equipment, is designed as per the fracture external fixed theory and biodynamics theory. It is applied for the fracture of shinbone diaphysis. The device not only fastens the affected limb but remains on the affected limb, and remove till the fracture health. It is made of the tugging ring, rotating ring, joint rod, arc spicula fixed stand, spicula adjustment, side replacement adjustment and up-down replacement adjustment. The device is equipped with the computer and machine control systems. The restoration to the affected limb is operated not by doctor's skill but by the machine of the said device.Product features:1.It is integrated by the technology of optics, machine and electricity.2.Being of the features of three-dimensional space, 6 flexible degree adjustment and high restoration precision.3.Being of 3 operating ways of automatic, manual and electric controls.4.Being of the synchronism features of restoration and self-lock fixing, which shortens the operation time and it is easy to adjust.5.It is made of the non-mental macromolecule materials6.The weight is light and the X-ray can go through the fixed device.7.Being of the feature of the long-distance controlling the restoration process and avoid the doctor to suffer from the damage of X-ray.Other remarks:- It is the disposable medical equipment and is prohibited to use in the second time.- The executive standard: YZB/Hei 0028-2002 and YZB/Hei 0029-2002


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