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Overview - Bozhou Jingdao Medicine Co., Ltd.

Our company was first established in 1998 and the registered is RMB3000000, specializing in import and export of Chinese medicinal herbs and Chinese prepared herbal slices. Our company locate in Chinese medicinal herb trading centre of China which is the most famous and professional herbal market in domestical, The superiority of such location make us can supply 1000 kinds of herb in little time. Our firm covers 10000 square meters, and we have modernized devices to check-up herbs based on organic-herb standard and a whole set of quality control system, so the good quality of our products have been ensured. Under these advantages and our sincerity in business, our firm achieves trusting and supporting of many clients domestically and abroad. At present our business market spreads in England, Brazil, Korea, Hangkong, Taiwan, the annual trading amouts of our company is up to RMB10000000. Our firm always consider the development of Chinese medicinal herb culture as its own task, regarding the medicine as medium, to make friends all over the world.


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