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Overview - David&Tom Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

David&Tom Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is Canadian invested company established in 1995. It is a Hi-Tech enterprise combines scientific research, new products development and manufacture of molecular biological products, specializing in immunoassay diagnosis to provide solutions for diagnostic field and working for the health of human beings. Main products are in vitro diagnostic test kits for clinical, labs and family use. There are totally five groups in our products line: Fertility Tests, Infectious Disease Tests, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Tumor Marker Tests, Drugs of Abuse Tests including One Step hCG Pregnancy Test (cleared by USA FDA in 1998), LH Ovulation test, FSH Test, HbsAg test, Anti-HBs test, HbeAg test, Anti-Hbe test, Anti-HBc test, Anti-HCV test, Anti-HIV1/2, Anti-syphilis, Gonorrhea, AFP test, PSA test, CEA test, Morphine test, Cocaine test, Cannabinoid (THC) test, Amphetamine test, Methamphetamine test etc. We have established very mature marketing networks and are cooperating successfully with agents from both home and abroad for mutual benefits.Our mission is to meet and excel in the challenges of the biomedical industry by bringing valuable testing technology that facilitate medical diagnosis and monitor treatment efficacy. We are committed to providing quality products, competitive prices and excellent services to our customers.


HBV Tests
Anti-HCV Tests
Tumor Marker Tests
Drugs of Abuse Tests
Glucose Test
Syphilis Tests
Gonorrhea Test

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