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Overview - Xiamen Easepal Technology Co., Ltd. (Marketing Dept. )

Xiamen EASEPAL Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1994, an manufactory in making of high quality, effective massage, wellness and healthcare products, we offer an extensive assortment of personal wellness products that are created to help you restore the balance between your mind, body and soul. With our products, it's easy to be proactive in the maintenance of your health and well being.Our proucts range from massage mat, cushion, neck, back, foot massager, handheld massager, foot warmer / massage, massaging slippers, massage foot spa, momory foam products, all kind of slipper, gym mat etc.For more information about us, please feel free to contact me immediately.


Massage Foot Spa(EP-501)
Neck And Back Massager(E-1160)
Massage Mat (E-879)
Massage Eye Mask
Heating Massage Shoe (E-5105)
Foot Massager (E-2702)

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Address:Longshan South Rd., Xiamen, Fujian, China


Postal Code:361009