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Overview - Hainang Feiyang Industrial Co., Ltd.- Nanning Filiale

Hainang Feiyang industrial Co., Ltd.- Nanning Filiale is a Joint Venture company(China,HongKong,Taiwan) ,set up in 1997. Is a professional research hair biology, absorb in hair generating, hair care and white hair transfer to black hair etc herby productions research and developing organization. Is an expert who has been absorbed in hair nursing and hair market for more than 6 years. A high new technology company integrates with research, produce and sale.We have 5 series and more than 40 products. Certificated by international hair regenerating research association. We have the most kinds of productions in this field in china. Our Company located at Nanning economy technology development area(national level),and has own research center, high level produce base and the first classic sales team.Our products derived marrow of herbalist medicine.make used of abundant herb resource of Guangxi China.produce after pick,extraction and abstract using scientific method.and has markedly curative effect in stop hair loss,hair generating, hair care and blacken hair.We have more than 500 multiple shops around the china.and products have been sold to America,Europe,Australia,New zealand,Japan,Taiwan,HongKong...more than 200000 sufferers have been cured and get self-confidence back after used our products.


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