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Overview - Huaian Angel Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Huaian Angel Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. is one of the leading specialized manufacturer/exporter for disposable medical instruments as follows:1. Sterile Sterile Surgical Needle with Threads2. Sterile Surgical Blades3. Scalpels with Plastic Handle4. Disposable Urine Bag5. Sterile Blood Lancets6. Disposable Umbilical Cord-Clamps7. Identification BandOur company, with 20000 square meters of working/manufacturing site, has more than 800 employees. We have enough professional experts in domestic marketing, import/export, technology, management and quality control.Our products are most cheap and superior quality in China, which have obtained the up-to-date international authentication certificate CE0197 and ISO9002, enjoy good reputation in the global market. We have business customers in most parts of the world. They are all satisfied with and appreciate the products.We hope to extend our products to the market all around the world and establish business relations with interested esteemed company.


Sterile Disposable Blood Lancets (CE0197&ISO9001 Certified)
Disposable Umbilical Cord-Clamps (ISO9001&CE0197 Certified)
Scalpels With Plastic Handle (ISO9001&CE0197 Certified)

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