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Overview - Guangxi Naning Javely Biological Products Co., Ltd

Guangxi Naning Javely Biological Products Co., Ltd, now is the largest production capacity of papain manufactory in china. Located on the boundary of YongNing city & HengXian where had been well known as "country of Chinese Jasmine". There are 10,000 acres papaya planting farm around the factory, all these excellent environment & abundant resource guarantee that the capacity can available to meet the production of customer's require. Now our products had High-activity stable Refined papain, Refined Purified papain, papain sub-enzyme, Papain Coarse-enzyme, crude papain, liquid papain, papaya powder, papaya extract, Trehalose,Sorbitol,Mannitol,Bromelain,and the products are widely used in food industry, cosmetic, medical, forage industry etc. our clients had been extending to oversea marketing's such as Japan U.S.A., Russia, Malaysia......


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