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Overview - Adult Toys Centre

Our factory was built in 1994, 9-years manufacturing experience make us professional in this field, almost all kinds of sex toy is included in our production line. We are one of the biggest sex toy manufacturers in China. With advanced technology and equipment, our products get a high quality to reach the international level. Our Instinct products are about 200 categories including bionic penis, bionic vagina and pleasure kits etc. It has macromolecule material (PVC & Silicone)surface, and you can change the color and the plasticity of surface. It feel soft, smooth and springy. And we add some new functions in them, such as sexual voice; heating; intermission and remote etc. Some kinds of electric instrument inside can support its function: sexual voice, vibration, revolving, strike and flex. Its function is depending on what you need. The swing and frequency can be controlled. It can massage and excite much sexual sensitive range in the body, and stimulate the vagina of woman and penis of man. Give instinct sex feeling. Therefore, it can stir sex desire, improve sex feeling and give more sex pleasure. 90% of our products are exported. We are sincere to cooperate with you. To order or OEM are favorite, if there is any chance to cooperate, please contact us. Any advice from you is so kind!


Sexytoys for Female
Vibrator kits (SL5019-02)
Pleasure Kits (SL5058-01)
Sexytoys for Male (SL4001-02)

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