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Overview - Yingzhitang Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.

Yingzhitang Biological Engineering Incorporated, situated at Donguan County of Guangdong Province in Southern China. It is an integrated biological engineering company equipped with state of the art research and development facilities for the production of a specific type of health care product.The Company is situated on a 3000 sq. Metre of land complete with modernized office, state of the art laboratory and production facilities. It has a total staff of 62, of which 6 are senior engineers and 18 medium grade researchers. The Company has for a long period of time, been closedly linked to the Microorganism Research Department of China National of Science, China Forestry Science Research Institute, HuannanArgriculturalUniversity and have formed into partnership with each and everyone of the above institution. On top of that, the company has hired a group of top experts in the field fromChina and foreign nations asAdvisors on a long term basis.At the moment, the Company's annual production of "Purple Lingzhi" hypha powder is 50, 000 kg. Purple Lingzhi solid 5000 kg. In the meantime, the line of products that have so far been developed by the Company include the famous "Purple Linghzi capsul under the trade mark brand name of "Kangyuan" capsul, Purple Lingzhi" tea, wine and soft drink. The Company even produced a health care biscuits under the name of "Purple Lingzhi" biscuits.The Company has recently purchased a piece of land occupying 3 hectres to build a new R&D and production facilities focusing on agrcicultural based biological and ecological engineering products.


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