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Overview - Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biological Co., Ltd. is one of China's largest production enterprises for new pesticides and medicaments for animal nutrition and health. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Flavomycin 4% Powder
Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate
Diclazuril Premix (0.5%)
Abamectin (Avermectin)
Salinomycin 12% (Powder or Granular)
Monensin 20% Gramular
Maduramicin 1%

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Address:Room 620, Yangguang Ming Lou, Taihu Road 99, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China


Postal Code:313220