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We are a trading company, focusing on export of herbal products. So far our export was solely for South Korea.We began our herb business 7 years ago. Our annual turn-over is more than 1 million u.s. dollar. And we have a herbal processing workshop that employs 40 workers. China is famous for opportunity richness, so we are glad to welcome you if you are involved in Chinese business. Meanwhile, labor cost here is rather cheap, even less than Thailand. And there is plenty of it. Through utilizing every resource around us, we have grown bit by bit. Now we are prepared to take to more prospective and broad field that is more trading with more countries.Our business is centered on Anguo, the capital of herb in the world. As the business dictates, we have broad business trip across the country every year, being busy in collecting specific herbal items, moving them to Anguo, and processing them. We have a systematic and qualified mechanism that is properly manned to guarantee any herbal related order duly fulfilled.And we are young and ambitious, we welcome any inquiry, question, suggestion, proposal, don't hesitate in contacting with us.


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