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Overview - Beijing Comens Chemical Co., Ltd.

Co-mens Chemical Limited, Beijing is engaged in adhesive and honeybee glue, Meticulous chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals, medicinal intermedia develop, development, production, new high-tech enterprise of sale, Domestic high-performance ammonia ester adhesive and fluid sealant variety most many, largest specialized factory one of at present.The company was founded in 1999, with a registered capital of 12.26 million yuan. We aimed to be a research based company via utilization of up-to-date technologies at the beginning. Now we have a R&D center and a sales center in the "China's Silicon Valley", Zhongguan Village, and a base in Yanshan Industry Area for scale-up and production.Now we have a management and technical stuff of 113 people, 70% of which are college degree holders, including 3 doctors, 13 masters and 8 senior engineers. The managers are all in the 30s with professor,doctor or master background. These high-level professionals are a very important resource of the company. Our employees accomplished about 100 articles accepted by some academic journals or proceedings in the past year.The company has been growing fast since its establishment. "Co-Men" brand has build its name in the market. Currently our products are mainly polyurethane adhesives, pharmaceutical & intermediates, biochemicals and agrochemicals. Six of them are self-invented products with patents, and another ten in the pipeline are waiting for production. In 1999 boil-resistant adhesive and aluminum plastic adhesive were awarded "1st Prize" by the China Packing Association, and another two was assigned "2nd award of Science & Technology advancement" by the State Forestry Bureau and "1st award of Science & Technology advancement" by Jilin province respectively. Polyurethane adhesives was listed in the "Spark Plan" in 2000 and the "Torch Plan" in 2001 of the Beijing government.Co-mens's principle: to provide professional services to clients with diversified needs. Co-mens's goal: to lead in China and to chase the better.


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