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Overview - Yunnan Dehua Bio-Phamarceutical Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Dehua Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Hi-tech enterprise of human vulnerary device industry, mainly dealing in the studying, producing, selling and exporting health instruments and medical devices.Dehua Bio-Pharmaceutical passed the authentication of ISO 9001, the standard of 2000 international quality management system; ISO 14001, the standard of 1996 international environmental management system; and ISO13485, the standard of 1995 international medical quality system. We have built 2000 m2 factory of 10000 lustration grade environment.Our main product is "Dehua New Technology" Absorbable Haemostatic Gauze, owns the self Intellectual Property Rights. This product is made from natural fiber with modern molecule reforming and high medical technologies, it has water-affinity module, which has strong affinity with water and salt and finally dissolved into the neutral polysaccharide substance; therefore, it widely used in various surgery such as partial blood leak in operation, stop bleeding of capillary vessel and different part and different wounded first-aid.Since it's been developed, this product has earned the trust by many surgeons and relieves pain for many patients. "DNT" Absorbable Haemostatic Gauze has been listed as "Yunnan Scientific and Technological Project" in 2001. "DNT" Absorbable Haemostatic Gauze has awarded "Private Enterprise Scientific and Technological Innovation of China" in August 2002. Yunnan Dehua Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is introducing "opening enterprise culture", "innovational management"; building "high quality team"; participating in market competition and improving both enterprise and product brand image.Characteristic of product:1. Company owns its Intellectual Property Rights "DNT" brand Absorbable Haemostatic Gauze has its Intellectual Property Rights and owned by Yunnan Dehua Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. National Registration Number: 02143662.2, 02345258.72. "DNT" products has been developed by the latest technology3. "DNT" products has its Universality and Uniqueness l Universality This product can be used for: Human Viscera Tissue trauma repairing surgery Human Viscera Tissue tumor resection Human Viscera Tissue malignancy tumor lymph resection Human glandular or organ transplant surgery Human skin burn treatment and skin replant All cosmetic surgery l Uniqueness1. Due to uniqueness of this product and its production technique, it shows better results than any other products and has better absorption.2. This product use non-hydronium material, does not contradict to other medications; therefore, it has foundation of carry medications and huge developing potential. Haemostatic Mechanism1. When contacts the wound, it removes the blood moisture, condenses the blood immediately, slows blood flow by superb absorbability.2. When used for stop bleeding, it dissolves to gelatinous material and cove the end of capillary vessel.3. As blood condenses and platelet agglutinates, activate coagulative genes, shorten coagulation time and stop bleeding.


DNT Absorbable Hemostatic Gauze

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