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Overview - Plantation Base Of Cistanche Of Inner Mongolia

We are Plantation Base of Cistanche of Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd. We produce and plant cistanche, a plant raw material in pharmaceutical production. We can offer plenty of the cistanche, we have different type of cistanche, we have four type of the cistanche. We have the best cistanche, Each kg of price of cistanche below 150yuan, each weight of the cistanche is different, some each heavy more than 200g above. our price is between 100-200yuan/kg. Our price is the lowest price in the chinese herb market. If you are interested in our products, we can cooperate with each other. In order to encourage people to take part in the projects of developing the western region of China.T he Government promises enough support in land to contractors. Our project got a support of land from the government, which provides us enough places for our construction of the project. We have 100 hectares land now.


Chinese Medicine Cistanche Of Inner Mongolia

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