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Overview - Hebei Qixin Traditional Chinese Medicine Pellets Co., Ltd.

QiXin Traditional Chinese Medicine Pellets Company Limited, Located in AnGuo, HeBei province, is a modern traditional Chinese medicine manufacturer, is a joint venture formed by New World Development Company Limited(Hong Kong) and the Government of HeBei province (Mainland China).The New World Group is a blue chip company listed in Hong Kong stock exchange and is one of the largest foreign investor in PRC. While AnGuo in HeBei province is one of the largest Chinese medicine markets in China. Their goal is to achieve modernization in traditional chinese medicine using innovative and scientific methods.The company takes up an area of 3. 333 hectares, the construction area in the factory is 30000 square meters, have production line of 6 pieces of large- scale specialized traditional Chinese medicine sliced medicinal herbs (including the particle sliced medicinal herbs ), more than 150 sets of main machinery equipment, possess and produce and process the ability of 4500 tons of sliced medicinal herbs of traditional Chinese medicine every year.The first stage of gross investment of the project is 32 million yuan renminbi, it is domestic biggest professional traditional Chinese medicinal materials, the sliced medicinal herbs processing of traditional Chinese medicine, the entity companies of the production, sale at present, there is imports and exports of foreign trade that is weighed on one's own account.


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