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Overview - Shandong Pengfei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

We are a leading manufacturer & exporter of pharmaceutical raw materail, Dyestuffs & Pigments, since 1986. We export our products to various Far East, Europeon Countries with best quality, competitive price & prompt delivery. We also provide You other Dyes for Leather Industry, Wool Industry, Paint industry, Plastic industry, Rubber Industry, Paper Industry, and Also for Food Industry. And we supply l 90% sp, carbendazim 50%wp, carbofuran 10% gris, 8-hydroxyquinoline, acyclorir, sulphadimidine, theophylline, Caustic Soda flakes96%and 99%, citric acid, phosphoric acid, paraffin, chline chloride, vitamin A, c, e, antibiotic G, metsulfuron_methy1, chlorsulfuron, tribenuron-methy1, sulfometuron-methy1, spring set, infusion set ect. And we export 30 country and have a wide market in world.


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