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Overview - ID Tattoo

Despite its potencial the art of tattooing really took a long time to find its place in the word, tattooing quietly for millenia. Unawere of tattoo artistic wealth, hidden in geographically isolated civilizations. Since the skind art is consider like a primitive and spontaneous way to expressing.A cross technical advances and endless investigations the tattoo art industry has changed in its different evolution stages, there is still much room for improvement.Starting our experience, we know that our tattoo equipment directly limits the complexity and perfection of what we can do on skin.ID TATTOO lies in YIWU - Zheijiang- China one of main technologcal and comercial cities in the word. We are a professional group of Grafic, Industrial designers and engineers, established for years in tattoo world, For purpose of innovate the body art industry to further evolution and improve the execution of this art.We have established good and steady imports and exports trade relationsships with customers from America, Europe, Africa and Middle East. We offers a board range of products designed to the execution of the tattoo art specifically: Tattoo professional Machines low carbon iron and 316LVM steel, tattoo loose needles and tattoo welded needles 304V steel tattoo Grips and tips; Shaders, Diamonds, Rounds, tattoo equipment; Tattoo Power Supply, Foot Switch, and Body Jewelry, 316 LVM surgical steel G4 ELI surgical titanium, PVD and titanium; Tattoo Studio accessories and cleaning equipment.We will devote to providing excellent quality products and reasonable prices, we welcome interested companies at home and abroad to cantact us for bussines connections.We are looking forward to coperating with you in the future.


Tatto Machine Dynasty (MDY-B10/12)
I.D Tattoo Machine Steel
Tattoo Machine Bluing Iron MSP
Tattoo Machine Steel 304 MSD ID TATTOO

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