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Overview - Shenzhen Yimahong S&T Development Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yimahong S&T Development Co., Ltd. devoted to women beautiful body products, with designing, producing, selling, an integrative specialized company for many years. We Engage in the design and production of silicone self-adhesive bra earlier at home. What our company produce silicone self-adhesive bra, with the design idea of " health, nature, fashion, security ", so good market reputation has been established quickly as high quality. Silicone self-adhesive bra named "yimahong ", in line with the idea that " Dote on women, The eternity in all one's life ", takes good care of women carefully, making women more beautiful and moving, live more self-confident and freer.Our company chiefly produce silicone self-adhesive bra. The produce standard, quality level, sanitary standard have been measured through national relevant authoritative organizations, and authentication is passed. Factory environment is neat and tidy; Imported equipment leads counterpart. Furthermore we have multiple patented technologies, including common type, care type, magnetic therapy type, foam type, multicolor type, fragrant type, transparent type, which can meet the customers" needs.We hope to make progress together with you, by the idea of " Dote on women, the eternity in all one's life ", offering high-quality products and good service for women, regarding creating beautiful body as the enterprise to create beautiful future.


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