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Overview - Penglai Marine Biochemical Co. , Ltd.

Our company is a manufacture of pharmaceutical raw materials and dietary supplements. We exert exceptional control over quality and consistency in all stages of manufacturing. Our products meet the requirements of USP26, 27 / BP / CP / BP.Our product are as follow: active calcium (calcium hydroxide), calcium citrate, calcium acetate, L-calcium lactate, biological calcium carbonate, calcium citrate-malate, precipitated calcium carbonate, ground limestone, extracts from plants, grape seed oil. Our calcium acetae meets the food grade, and the density is between 0. 4~0. 6, and perfect for fertilizer.We are enlarging our capacity of products, and we know you can help us in the market.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid

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Address:No. 192 Eastern Tozhonglou Road, Penglai City, Shandong, China

City/Province:Penglai City

Postal Code:0535