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Overview - Bright Red Biotech. Co., Ltd.

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of Raw Materials for Herbals, Plant Extract; Food Ingredient; Food Additives; Cosmetic; Pharmaceuticals; And Feed industries. We are in the favorable position to offer the following products (partly) which are listed below: 1. Red Yeast Rice. There is No Citrinin absolutely in the product. Actived ingredient is mainly Monacolin K. It is mostly Acid form instead of Lactone form; Y-amino butyric acid and Ergosteril are also in a high assay in our product. 2. Garlic Extract (Allicin 10000 ppm; 15000 ppm; 20000 ppm) 3. Chlorogenic Acid (Assay: 25%; 50%; 90%; 95%; 98%) 4. Tannic Acid (FAO-WHO-35; USP26) 5. Reishi Mushroom Extract ( Min 98% assay) 6: Inulin(food and drug grade) We truly look forward to a very fruitful co-operation from you. For any other information, product list requirements, sample requirements or any inquiries please free to contact us. All these details are available immediately upon request.


Green Tea P.E.
Red Clover Extract
Honeysuckle Flower P.E.
The Functional Monascus Red Rice, Red Yeast Rice

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