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Overview - Beijing Kawin Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Beijing Kawin Bio-Tech Co., Ltd (also the National Engineering Research Center for Viral Bio-Technology), under the leadership of a famous molecular virologist -- Dr. Hou Yunde, becomes a gallant member among the bio-tech companies in the world. It is specialized in developing new bio-technology, drug and pharmaceutical producing, and engineering research. Trustworthy Products - With first ranking production equipments, talented technicians, advanced production techniques, and comprehensive quality assurance system, Kawin Bio-Tech is determined to produce first-class interferon in the world and play the leading role among its foreign and domestic counterparts. In order to make itself a hi-tech company with various functions, such as R&D, drug producing, and distribution of drugs, it rearranges the technique platform and the resources of the market network, and forms a multi-product producing line.Professional TechniquesWith the Viral Research Institute of CAPM (Chinese Academy of Pharmaceutical Medicine) and the National Key Laboratory for Virology and Genetic Engineering as the technological backings of it, Kawin Bio-Tech is doing many national research projects.Kawin established Jindike Institute and Dr. Hou Yunde leads the R&D team. This institute emphasizes on the R&D of new drugs, which can be categorized as: new type of vaccines, polypeptides, diagnostic reagent, and new techniques. At present, over 20 research projects have been launched, among which there are some national 863 and 973 high technology projects.The two pilot-scale workshops--viral engineering and cellular engineering--ensure the early transformation of the fruits of scientific and technological research.To up-grade the industrialization of the technology by widely applying information technology and other modern techniques.Kawin Bio-Tech has fully automatic, closed, and modular-like first-class production line. Telecom landing monitoring enables us to check the production from time to time. And technical parameters can be recorded automatically and stored for a long time. They can also be freely accessed at any time. The efficiency of technology can reach 100%. In this way, the quality problems and causes of accidents can be fast located and correctly analyzed to ensure the quality of the product.By intensifying and scaling up production, Kawin Bio-Tech increases the production efficiency to 2 and 3 times, and saves 64.47% of the manpower and 30% of the GMP standard factory. Constantly improving itself to achieve high goal.Production line has the capacity of 100 million bottles per annually. The factory has been designed strictly in line with the national standard of pharmaceutical production. Therefore, Kawin Bio-Tech passed the GMP. 25 items and 28 kinds of testing results were superior to those national parameters. All these are insurance of good quality of the products produced by Kawin.Possible cooperation1. Export of our productsWith first-class techniques and equipments, and excellent experts and technicians in viral bio-tech field, Kawin has developed and produced a serial of bio-products in the anti-viral field. We sincerely hope to have long-term cooperation with foreign-based pharmaceutical companies or export-import companies in exporting our products.2. Technology Transfer* Transfer of IFN manufacturing technology* Design and set of bio-product production line* Construction of bio-product manufacturing plant3. R&D Cooperation* Kawin is a giant in viral bio-tech field in China. If you need a great partner in R&D of anti-viral field, Kawin is definitely the best choice.


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