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Overview - Yancheng Diling Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Yancheng Diling Medical Instrument Co. introduces experienced and professional businessmen for the medical products, health care products and healing products to operate the detail of business. Our business scope is manufacturing and selling the products of thermometer, infusion set, syringe and blood transfusion set in domestic and international market. Meanwhile, dealing more medical products business.Main Products are Thermometer and infusion & syringe series.We can supply the items are in the following:Diversified of medical bags seriesHealth care and healing products seriesTube and catheter products seriesGauze products seriesNon-woven products and gloves seriesWheelchair seriesMedical Paper seiesSuture and surgical Blade and scalpel seriesAdhesive tape and bandage seriesParts of medical products seriesTongue depressor, cotton swab and others products seriesWe'd like to let you know more valuable information of our products which you are interested in.Try to give us an opportunity to offer you our services, maybe this try would let you get more favourable business chance by our offering you the most competitive price for most quality products.



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