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Dalian Scicon Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

We are pleased to recommend MT (Metrallothionein), which is a protein of low molecular weight, rich-cysteine and biological activity. MT can penetrate into the deep skin layer and scavenge the free radicals efficiently, relieve the heavy metal toxicity and expel the toxins from the skin, repair rapidly the damaged skin caused by radiation and other environmental pollutions.Our company is developing MT products...

Kdw Electronics International Co., Ltd.

We are one of the leading manufactures for medical skin and body care equipment in CHINA. We are producing hi-tech beauty equipment with U. S technology. We also specialized in international trade, worldwide shipping. Our sales team is prepared to deal with problems on both sides of the World should it ever arise. With high quality and low cost, we are outstanding supplier in this business. Our beauty equipmen...

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