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Samderson Life Medical Industries Corporation

Samderson Life medical Industries Corporation is a professional R&D based manufacturer of Orthopedic Supports, Rehabilitation Products, Artificial Limbs and related medical products.We are specializing in Medical Supportive Products as below:Ankle Supports & Braces, Arm Slings or Immobilizers, Cervical Collars, Clavicle Supports & Posture Braces, Elastic Supports, Elbow Supports & Braces, Finger Splints, Foot ...

Beijing Prosthetic & Orthotic Technique Center

The Beijing Prosthetic & Orthotic Technique Center was founded in 1958, which original name is Beijing Artificial Limb Factory. Our center has passed the ISO 9001 Certificate.The main products include the prosthetic and orthotic components(knee joint -4S15, 4S16, 4S17, 4S18, 4P20, 4P21, 4S22, 4P23, 4P32, 4S40, 4S49, 4P21G, 4P55, 6S4, 6S7, ect), orthotic shoes, ocular prosthesis, vehicles and crutches, etc. The...

Yancheng Denrum Co., Ltd.

We manufacture Orthotics Products, such as lingual brackets Roth, Edgewise, Begg, elastomeric products, teeth whiteness. And so on. As well as many other Orthotics products. We are very aggressive with our pricing. And our quality is extremely high, we are looking For distributors that want to represent our company. We realize you represent many companies, however we also know that no one company can give you ...

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