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Qingdao Eagle Trading Co., Ltd.

This is a new company, but more than 8 years experience in international trading has given us flexibility and the capacity to work closely with our customers and factories.Also we have 48 young men, special for the growing-potential factories, to search, to check on-the-spot, and so on. Usually, we can catch more business chances with them based on mutual benefit.Because we are directly linked to the highest q...

Nanfeng Medical Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Nanfeng Medical Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd., one of China's leading company dealing with plastic cosmetic products. We are glad to state that our products have spread widely all over the world with the trustworthy and credible effect and reasonable price. Our team is dedicated to all customers having special needs, if for the body caring, face lift, loss fat, make-up products.

Vital Charcoal

Wholesale and Retail of White Charcoal (Bishotan) and Cosmetic Grade Charcoal Powder for medication and cosmetic products. Plus a whole range of charcoal household products.

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