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Sinocos Technology Development Ltd.

Sinocos Technology Development Ltd. is a privately held biotechnology company which was found in 1998. SINOCOS ltd is one of Hongkong's leading company dealing with plastic cosmetic products. SINOCOS company is a rapidly growing and profitable biotechnology/medical device company that sells medical implants in more than 20 countries. SINOCOS company primary business goal is to establish itself as a premier bio...

Nafeng Medical Since & Tech Co., Ltd.

Nanfeng Medical Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd., one of China's leading company dealing with plastic cosmetic products. We are glad to state that our products have spread widely all over the world with the trustworthy and credible effect and reasonable price. Our team is dedicated to all customers having special needs, if for the body caring, face lift, loss fat, make-up products. Traditionally, t...

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