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Hangzhou Hongsheng Bilogical Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Greensky is a leading manufacturer natural botanical extracts including plant extract, Chinese Herb Extracts and any kinds of standardized extracts.At the same time, we are dealing with a lot of food additives, feed additives, pharma products, cosmetic products, nutritional supplements etc.

Hongjiu Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

Hongjiu is a private company, which was founded at ginseng hometown of China in 1998. Hongjiu produce the state-of-the-art botanical extracts and natural ingredients using the latest technology for nutraceuticals, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.Hongjiu owned GMP plant and GAP plantation in Ginseng hometown of China, of which is the main producing area of panax ginseng and Chinese herbs. From ...

Hangzhou Gosun Technologies Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Gosun Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. Is a Hi-Tech corporation, concentrating on study, exploitation, production and sale of botanical extracts especially in Green Tea Extracts and herbal extracts. We have been continually expanding our R&D force, manufacturing partnerships, established our production lines in Hangzhou-The Tea Capital Of China(Legalized by gov. ), which is famous with the special local prod...

Shaanxi Huayu Biotech Co.,

Shaanxi Huayu Biotech Co., Ltd. is a Xi'an based professional company dedicated in developing, manufacturing and marketing of herb extract, drugs and health products based on natural resources. It is a leading Chinese company to offer its customers a family of premium herb material and standardized botanical extracts entirely from renewable resources. Its developed products are readily applicable to chemical, ...

Xi'An Erica Botanical Product Co., Ltd.

Xi'an Erica Botanical Production Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specially involved in researches, manufacturing of plant extracts and other pharmaceutical ingredients. The main productsare siberian gingseng P. E, white willow bark P. E, and epimedium P. E etc.

Shaanxi Hongda Phytochemistry Co., Ltd.

ShaanXi Hongda Phytochemistry Co., Ltd. has come to be a leading high-tech exporting natural herbal extracts and standarlized herbal products in China.The factory holds workshop designing in line with GMP standard. The workshop equipedadvanced spray-drying system and vacuum-drying system; meanwhile we held sets of advanced stainless steel herbal extractiong work line. In addition we have stainless steel work a...

Hongjiu Ginseng Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1998, Hongjiu is a leader of ginseng and herb extracts of China. Hongjiu produces state-of-the-art herb extracts and natural ingredients using the latest technology for the nutraceutical, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. From cultivation to extraction, concentration and the finished products, Hongjiu produces safe, effective and marketable products with strictly GAP and GMP.

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