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Cooling Ice Belt

Cooling Ice Belt

Cooling Ice Belt is composed of a soft and comfortable cloth cover and a blue ice inner coore. Blue Ice is a kind of green environmental-friendly energy-storage macromolecule material made by latest high technology. Its inner structure is macromolecule polymeric alveolater structure. It presents as blue soft translucent gelatinoids under the normal temperature. Its thermal capacity is 2-3times of water. It has efficient dual cold and heat storage and preservation functions. This product can be used repeatedly and will not deteriorate, become watery and hurt the head. It's safe and comfortable and wasy to operate and has no stimulation to human body skin. It's suitable to relieve drastically pain and discomfort caused by fever, headache, toothache, spain, mumps, hear stroke, etc. It is also useful for students to keep cool and refreshing in studying and examination and it's a must for hospital and family medical and health care.

1. Put the blue ice inner core in the freezing comparment of refrigerator for 2-3 hours. (put it in freezing comparment for backup when not using)
2. Put the inner core into the cloth cover when needed; It can be used continuously for 2 hours and repeatebly.
3. It can be used on different parts of body by adjusting the length of belt.

1. Check constantly to prevent frostbite when it is applied on babies and prople who cannot express their wills freely.
2. Disposable cold compress tools for clinical patients to avoid cross infection, afterwards it can be brought back by patients for home use. product offered by Wenzhou Caremed Medical Technology Co., Ltd.