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OTW and TTS Duodenal Stents

OTW and TTS Duodenal Stents


1. Covered / uncovered stent

2. Made of Memory Ni-Ti Wire

3. True self expandable

4. Simple delivery introducer


- Strong True self-expandable;

- Medical Implants

- Memory NiTi Stents;

- True Self expandable;

- Simple pre-loaded delivery system;

- Super flexibility

Medical Implants - Memory NiTi Stents

* Materials: NiTi Alloy Wire

* Structure: The stent is mainly made of memory NiTi alloy wire which is meshed into cylinder shape.

* Shape: The stent ends is in straight, uncovered.

*Regular specifications:

- Stent Diameter: 08mm, 10mm;

- Stent Length: 70, 90mm;

* Usage:

- It's mainly applicable for biliary stenosis caused by malignant diseases.

- Simple pre-loaded delivery system to save time

- Super flexibility design

- Available in a variety of lengths to accommodate different procedural needs

- No influence to MRI

product offered by Changzhou Health Microport Medical Device Co., Ltd.