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IPL Hair Removal (IPLFBL-2000)

IPL Hair Removal (IPLFBL-2000)

IPL Hair Removal (IPLFBL-2000) Treatment scope:
Vascular Lesions (telangiectasis) removal, change bottle nose
Fine wrinkles removal, skin tightening
Skin whitening and increase the flexibility
Lighten and remove freckles, pigmentations, age spots and etc.
Lighten and eliminate acne scars
Erase facial blemish, improve the tone of the skin Remove unwanted hair

IPL Hair Removal (IPLFBL-2000) Advantage:
1. Safety in clinics: Patented pure gold-wave filtering technology to removel harmful light, no side effect
2. Effectiveness: Can solve many kinds of skin problems
3. Comfortable process: Effective cooling system, adjustable from -5 to 4 degree
4. Easy operation: Portable design, micro-computer control, easy to operate

5. One handle with four filter
Hair Removal: 700-1200nm
Freckle Removal: 640-1200nm
Whiten Skin: 420-1200nm
Skin Care: 560-1200nm product offered by Forever Beauty Laser Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.