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Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System (TA)

Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System (TA)

Dynamic Glucose Monitoring System (DGMS) is a new type of implantable medical device, an advanced front in glucose testing development. It can be inserted underneath the skin on the arm manually, and make a continuous monitoring in 72 hours, during which it provides up to 480 concentration values in a 24-hour period. At the end of monitoring, DGMS will create a graph showing the changes and trend of glucose levels, from which you can find out how the glucose levels is influenced by the patient's activities such as, meals, medications, exercises, insulin injection, etc, and hyperglycemia at night and dawn phenomenon can be easily viewed. DGMS(model TA) has been approved by Chinese SFDA.
Effective testing range: 1.7mmol/l25mmol/L
Data provided in 24 hours: 480 glucose values
Data provided in 72 hours: 1440 glucose values
Working life of sensor: 72hours
Response time of the sensor: 20seconds Difference compared with common finger blood glucose meter: 0.11mmol/L
Overall average relevant deviation MAD: 13.2% Reference glucose: Once finger blood glucose every day
Warning alarm of hypo/hyperglycemia: Alarm when values exceed normal range
Model: TA
Standard: ISO13485
Unit Price/Payment: Negotiable
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