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Compressor Nebulizer Manufacturer

Compressor Nebulizer Manufacturer

Piston-type nebulizer metal alloy oil-free reciprocating compressor
High-tech self-lubricating compressor cylinder, plastic alloy piston
Most efficient aerosol delivery system on market
Durable, sporty design and lightweight
Unique pressure chamber provides powerful performance
Can nebulize medication to a particle size of 0.2 to 5 micron
Fast delivery, minimum wastage
High reliable and low noise
Electrical ratings: 110/220/230V, 50Hz/60Hz and 1.5A
Maximum pressure: 2.0 bar
Maximum air flow: 10L/minute
Noise: around 55dBA
Dimensions: (L)320x(W)190x(H)110mm product offered by Suzhou Union Tech Import & Export Co. Ltd