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Anesthesia System Manufacturer

Anesthesia System Manufacturer

Electronic control and pneumatic control mode
Various functions such as alarms, prompts and protection
Blackout support function, automatically turned to standby power working mode after failure of electricity supply
10.4-inch color LCD display to show ventilation parameters, alarm information and waveforms
Adult and child of dual-use
Volume control, pressure limits and other working modes
Modular respiratory system
Main technical indicators
Adjustable parameters:
Flow meter:
O2: 0.1 to 10lpm
N2O: 0.1 to 10lpm
Air: 0.1 to 10lpm
Fast for oxygen: 35 to 75 lpm
Frequency: 1 to 100bpm (SIMV mode: 1 to 40bpm)
Inspiratory time: 0 to 12s (except to SIMV mode, inspiratory time to expiratory time ratio 4:1 to 1:8)
Tidal volume: 0 to 1500mL
Positive end expiratory pressure: 0 to 30cmH2O
Pressure trigger sensitivity: 20 to 20cmH2O
Flow trigger sensitivity off: 1 to 30lpm
Pressure control: 5 to 60cmH2O
Breath-hold time (end-inspiratory breath-hold and inspiratory plateau): 0 to 6s (50% inspiratory time)
Sigh ventilation: 1/100 to 5/100
Suffocation ventilation: off, 5 to 60s
Monitoring parameters:
Frequency: 0 to 100bpm
Tidal volume: 0 to 2000mL
Minute volume: 0 to 99lpm
Airway pressure: 0 to 100cmH2O
Dynamic pulmonary compliance monitoring of patients: 1 to 1000mL/cmH2O
Inspired oxygen concentration: 15 to 100% product offered by Suzhou Union Tech Import & Export Co. Ltd