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Face Mask

Face Mask

1) 3-Ply Face Masks
* Latex and fiberglass free, softlining, breathable
* With 4 straps and nose wire, 3layer pleated design
2) Acticve Carbon Face Mask
* SPP mask loaded with active carbon pre- filter, breathe well
* Protection against airborne particles and bad odor
* Meet B. F. E. 99%
* Special 4 layer pleated design

3) 4-Ply NANO Face Mask
* NANO mask offers more anti-bacterial protection than traditional surgical masks
* Easy tie type or Easy earloops type

4) Cone Style Mask
* Cup-shaped mask is held away from nose and mouth for comfort and protection
* Shell type, nasal filter, elastic strap, fluid- resistant
* High level of bacterial and viral filtration product offered by Fushi Protective Products Co., Ltd.